Team VXS


 A Community. A movement. A TEAM.


The Team

The VXS ambassador program offers a fantastic opportunity to become a part of a fast-evolving and inspiring fitness brand.We share a unified passion for the fitness lifestyle and are motivated by self-improvement.

Joining Team VXS opens you to a real community of people at various levels of their fitness journey, inspiring and motivating each other towards achieving our goals, whilst providing opportunities for you to get actively involved within the brand.

A brand you can grow with!


Become a VXS Ambassador


Your Responsibilities

As an ambassador you are part of a community of people who support and motivate each other so its critical that you are actively involved with the Team.

You will be expected to:

    -Be ACTIVE on social media platforms and tag us so we can engage with you better. The better your content, the higher your chances are to be featured on our page!

    -Share your unique discount code with your friends/followers.

    -Show support for other team members at various stages of their fitness journey

    -Promote VXS and stand proud with the brand (make use of promotional material we send you)

    -Get involved in team events and engage with the Team VXS community.

    Your Benefits

    We acknowledge the support we recieve from our ambassadors worldwide and in return we provide the team with various benefits. The more we grow the more we give back to our ambassadors.

    You will enjoy various benefits:

    -You recieve a special discount code for YOUR use on all purchases

    -You earn 10% commision on all orders you generate

    -You have the chance to attend special VXS events as well as photoshoots, promotional days, fitness exhibitions, etc.

    -The opportunity to be featured on our social media which exposes you to a global fitness community

    -Win prizes and rewards in Exclusive Team VXS tasks and challanges

    -Get your hands on the latest releases before anyone else

    -Great opportunities are made available for you to grow within the brand and make significant impact

    Sizing Guide



    Size XS S M L XL
    UK / US
    6-8 / 2-4 8-10 / 4-6 10-12 / 6-8 12-14 / 8-10 14+ / 10+
    Waist (inch) <30" 30-33" 33-36" 36-39" 39"+

    Performance Tank

    Size XS S M L XL
    UK / US
    6-8 / 2-4 8-10 / 4-6   10-12 / 6-8 12-14 / 8-10 14+ / 10+
    Chest (Inch) <34 34-36" 36-38" 38-42"   42"+



    Size S M L XL
    Chest 36"-38" 38"-40" 40"-44" 44"-46"

    Stringer Vests

    Size S M L XL XXL
    Chest 36"-38" 38"-40" 40"-44" 44"-46" 46"-49"

    Tank Tops

    Size S M L XL
    Chest 39"-41" 41"-43" 43"-45" 45"-47"


    Size S M L XL
    Chest 35"-38" 38"-42" 42"-46" 46"-50"


    Size S M L XL
    Waist 28-30" 30"-32" 32"-34" 34"-36"



    Sold Out